Colombia. " transforming the World"


These students have a web browser and screen shots of many wikipedia entries. 

The computers are also enabling students to connect with students from other countries. "I didn't think we would have so much in common," says Mateo, a 10 year old public school pupil from Cali, after chatting with a girl from Costa Rica who, "also loves science".

Internet and Solar Energy

Internet and Solar power Kit for Learning Center.


it's possible with the latest technology provide Internet to remote areas with Satellite or Radio Signal.

Environmental Protection

Our mission is to inspire scientific curiosity in students.

Pollution Control

We strive to increase student learning and to support science educators by pioneering technologies used to collect, analyze, and interpret scientific data to protect the environment.

Important of renewable energy teaching technology to support biology and no Fossil fuels.


Increase student engagement by including engineering activities in the curriculum.

Sharing activities

Engineering activities offer an alternative form of assessment and fosters good problem-solving skills.

Building our future

Building our future