20' Shipping Container

Using shipping containers to bridge quality education. All containers are made of recycled products, which shows respect for the environment. those classrooms are an innovative, cost-effective, and convenient way for educational facilities.


Wind Power Vertical Turbine

Technological advancements in renewable energy allow us the use of vertical wind turbines fwhich are sleekly designed, efficiently harnessing the power of the wind even in a light breeze.


WiFi Hotspot

Investing to Bridge the Digital Divide in the World. Discover how broadband providers can change the economics of rural broadband in the LATAM.


STEAM Education and Coding.

A Discovery LAB is a Rural Innovation Center using Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics transforming children's Future With High Quality Education using robotics and coding.

Building Robot

Solar Power Kit

Solar Power Kit allow harness the power of the sun and convert it to power our devices, tools, lights, and many other power needs.


Internet Access

Let’s bridge the digital divide together, stablish a new network foundation to transform your rural communities. Make reliable connectivity more accessible.


Projector & Screen

3LCD 1080p  Projector and Screen inside of the Container. to facilitate group classes, when is needed.


Future of Food - Farming Up

From growers and producers to suppliers, processors, retailers and consumers, the entire agriculture and food ecosystem is facing a fundamental shift that is reshaping the future of food with unprecedented environmental control.